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About Us
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About Us

Want to make sure that you can do all the things you love doing but when things go wrong, you have the right kit to save your life?

We do and that’s why we came up with A+E For ME. There are loads of First Aid kits on the market with different titles and in different bags but if things ever really went wrong would you have anything in your kit that would make a difference, save your life and perhaps more to the point would you know how to use it? As a group of Doctors, Health Care Professionals and rescue specialists who love the great outdoors we are proud to bring our work based knowledge and our outdoor enthusiasm together to produce a product that will save lives.

Designed in conjunction with experienced pre-hospital care specialists, special forces medics and mountain rescue personel we have brought together some of the best kit available that we think would help in an emergency and thrown them in the back of our rucksacks. Inspired by the true story of Aron Ralston and his mis-adventure in Blue John Canyon which resulted in him cutting off his own arm our kit selection has re-preoritised from what we could carry to help others to what we can also carry to help ourselves!

Together we have come up with 10 or so items that anybody  could use on themselves to save their own life, with a couple of standard First Aid bits added so you don’t have to carry 2 kits. With all of our kits comes FREE access to our online training which demonstrates how to use each bit of kit as well as some other handy staying alive hints! 

Rob’s already taken his kit up Kilimanjaro and been running with the bulls at San Fermin, Pamplona. John loves nothing more than hurtling down the Marin Trail with his and Glyn can regularly be found sailing around the West coast with his. To be honest it doesn’t really matter what your into, if you love doing it then you’ll want to keep doing it and this might just be the bit of kit that one day saves your life and keeps the adventure alive.


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